Pure Strata

The Pure Strata team have a combined experience of 30+ years in the strata business.  Working with owners and committees our team works to provide you with the guidance and advice needed to drive the outcome you are looking for.  We have teams in both Brisbane and Sydney and we specialise in the following areas:-


  • Expenditure reviews
  • Budget advice
  • Commercial contract reviews
  • Building operational setup
  • Strata Management optimisation
  • Building Manager scope reviews


By undertaking some of the items above we can help you fine tune and make sure that your building is only paying for what it needs.  Too often owners are taken advantage of and are often paying for more than they are required to.  Over our many years of experience we have seen many situations where Strata Managers and Building Managers simply pass on fees and charges in the hope that the owners never look into this.  We are here to review and stop this from taking place.  Fill in a request form today and have one of our friendly staff get in contact with you to discuss what potential options you might have.